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Ways to style long hair guys

There are more elegant ways to style long hair than this – this is a sloppy attempt to look hip. Don't fall for this trap. Worst Men's Hairstyle 7. Aging Rockstar. This style gets its name from rockstars that made their name in the 60s and 80s, but still wear their hair as.

Michael Jackson Curly Strand. Curly texture almost instantly bumps up the hair density because of its collective nature and as we see here the thick strands make up a good shag. Plus the longer strands fall off dashingly on the forehead and on the sides. 2 / 53. The Man Bob Is It A Thing How Do You Wear It http://www.hairstyle.com/article/the-man-bob-is-it-a-thing-how-do-you-wear-.

A man bun is best suited for men who have shoulder-length hair. You can shave sides to emphasize the man bun. You can add a mustache for a more sophisticated look. A man bun with a mustache is bold, stylish that draws a lot of attention. The wavy hairstyle is best suited for men with oval or round faces.

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Guys wear their hair either down or in a low ponytail. It's that simple. No styling, or minimal styling. Just in case: hairbrush, some styling product if you need it, shampoo, that's it. No straightening, curling, braids, hair pins, hair bands or other fancy stuff. Avoid shampooing every single day, as this may dry out the scalp and strip it of its natural oils. Instead, shampoo every two to three days and use a good conditioner every day. Conditioners.

When to Cut Your Long Hair Short. Going from long hair to a short haircut is a big change, so I recommend making the change when you have a few days to get used to your new look before you face your friends and co-workers. The best time would be at the start of the weekend or right before a vacation. Many guys can become a little self-conscious.

7. Celebrity Inspired Hispanic Haircut: This celebrity-inspired hairstyle from the Spanish model Antonio has become quite a hit. With blonde white coloured hair and buzz look with trimmed short hair, all the men who love manly, muscular and macho looks can try this short Hispanic haircut out.

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